February 12, 2013

my 2001 2500HD started leaking power steering fluid the other day when I got to work. After work I stopped by the store to get some fluid to top it off. It was leaking fast enough to drain the system in a couple minutes. I ended up driving it all the way home to get it in the garage to look over it closer. I filled it back up with fluid but now it wont leak anything. It doesn`t seem to be much better than when I had no fluid in it so I`m thinking the pump might have gone to **** as now. I know ive had to drive past vehicles without power steering and the pumps had never burnt out on me so I almost find it hard to believe, but its the only thing that seems to make sense. Is there a good way to check to see if the pump is still working, or does anyone have any idea what else it could possibly be?