April 18, 2013

I`m hoping somebody here can help. I have a rebuilt 350 in my 84 K10. The rebuild has about 30k miles on it. I was driving down the road and she started to sputter and lose power....kinda like the timing was way off. In addition to that, it sounded like a box of rocks was rattling around (couldn`t tell from where....front of motor or rear end?). I was able to limp into a friend`s driveway and shut her down. When I went to restart, the engine wouldn`t crank over. The starter would engage the flywheel but it wouldn`t crank. I tried to crank it by hand with a socket but it won`t budge. I reckon the motor is froze. Does anyone know anything else I should try before I go and yank the engine out of the truck?